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Replacement Garden Hose Adaptor AR1264750

Replacement brass garden hose adaptor for AR Blue Clean industrial electric pressure washers AR620 and AR630, AR630-HOT, AR630TSS and AR630TSS-HOT. Part # AR1264750


Replacement GFCI 14880RT-UR-C

AR Blue Clean GFCI replacement plug 14880RT-UR-C for electric pressure washers. No cord attached. Works with AR610, AR620, AR630, AR630TSS, AR630-HOT and AR630TSS-HOT. Part # 14880RT-UR-C


TSS Micro Switch AR2029776

AR Blue Clean electric pressure washer Total Stop System TSS Micro Switch part #AR2029776. For industrial pressure washer models AR630-TSS and AR630HOT-TSS models.