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Vari-Spray Wand PW3400700

Adjustable spray nozzle lance is designed to change the spray pattern and intensity according to the power of water needed for each task, just twist the nozzle to adjust. For unit AR390SS. Part #PW3400700


Spray Gun PW3400260

AR Blue Clean high-pressure spray gun designed with an easy pull trigger and offers consistent quality and performance. For unit AR390. Part #PW3400260


Replacement Spray Gun PW4221390

AR Blue Clean replacement spray gun Part # PW4221390 for AR390 electric pressure washer.


Turbo Nozzle Wand PW3400710

Turbo nozzle wand designed for high impact cleaning. Only used on hard surfaces such as driveways, cement surfaces, patio bricks, etc. For unit AR390. Part #PW3400710