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Plastic Quick Change Garden Hose Adapter PW909103K

The AR Blue Clean plastic quick change garden hose adapter PW909103K attaches to your garden hose and quickly connects to the clear quick connect filter. Part of the Quick Connect Garden Hose Adapter Kit. Quick connect adapters are used to attach or remove accessories from your pressure washer.


Pressure Washer Garden Hose Adapter PW4221580

AR Blue Clean pressure washer garden hose adapter PW4221580.  This is a direct replacement for the plastic two-piece or aluminum garden hose adaptors.  Just unscrew the old GHA off and this new brass one back on in its place.


GFCI Replacement Plug PW4221160

AR Blue Clean GFCI replacement plug PW4221160 for electric pressure washers, this also replaces part PW3084330 on older machines.  No cord attached.  Works with all residential models.


Aluminum Garden Hose Adapter PW3084210

AR Blue Clean pressure washer aluminum garden hose adapter PW3084210 3/4″ GHA. This is a direct replacement for the plastic two-piece or brass garden hose adaptors.


PW909UH-R 25 foot Replace/Extension Pressure Washer Hose

Universal Replacement and Extension Hose – Works with almost all AR Blue Clean models.

Direct replacement and extension for:
AR110S, AR111S, AR112, AR112S, AR118, AR142, AR142S, AR143S-Q2, AR144S, AR145, AR240, AR240S, AR260, AR319S-Q, AR383, AR388, AR2N1, AR2N1-WM, AR2N1-QVC, TAKE-ALONG

Will not work with:
AR390SS & AR391SS  (will work as an extension), Speedywash, AR117, AR118S AR119, AR610, AR613, AR613K, AR620, AR630, AR630TSS, AR630TSS-HOT


Pressure Washer Quick connect Nozzle 25° – Green PW4221790

AR Blue Clean replacement nozzles for the AR390SS and AR383SS electric pressure washer. The package includes a Green 25° nozzle that originally came with the machines.


Replacement Pressure Washer Lance PW3400960

AR Blue Clean pressure washer replacement wand/lance PW3400960 for the AR383SS, AR390SS, AR2N1 and AR2N1W.


25 Foot Replace/Extension Pressure Washer Hose PW909XH

25′ of extra soft pressure washer hose with 22mm connection. This replacement or extension hose can fit most electric pressure washers and can handle up to 2900 PSI. Fittings are M22 15mm. For M22 14mm machines please use additional adapter PW553-B for each side you need to adapt.


Pressure Washer Spray Gun PW3400810

AR Blue Clean replacement spray gun for models AR383SS, AR390SS and 391SS.



AR Blue Clean Brass Hose Swivel GHA. Part # PW2605B. Allows you to twist and turn while watering without the hose getting tangled.


AR Blue Clean Foam Cannon Quick Change PW4620260

AR Blue Clean foam cannon quick change adaptor connection for electric pressure washers. 25 oz. fluid/detergent/soap capacity. Part # PW4620260


Pressure Washer 25° QC Nozzle PW4221450

25° QC Nozzle


Note:Only works with AR Blue Clean models AR2N1,AR2N1W.


Pressure Washer 15° QC Nozzle PW4221440

15° QC Nozzle

Note: Only works with AR Blue Clean models AR2N1,AR2N1W


Pressure Washer 0° QC Nozzle PW4221430

0° QC Nozzle

Note: Only works with AR Blue Clean models AR2N1,AR2N1W.

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