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Plastic Quick Change Garden Hose Adapter PW909103K

The AR Blue Clean plastic quick change garden hose adapter PW909103K attaches to your garden hose and quickly connects to the clear quick connect filter. Part of the Quick Connect Garden Hose Adapter Kit. Quick connect adapters are used to attach or remove accessories from your pressure washer.



O-Rings for high pressure hose, lances, and soap bottle. 5 pieces. AR Blue Clean 5 Piece O-Ring Accessories Kit.

Note: Only works with AR Blue Clean models AR110S, AR112, AR112S, AR114, AR116, AR118, AR118S, AR141, AR142, AR142-PLUS, AR142S


Pressure Washer Garden Hose Adapter PW4221580

AR Blue Clean pressure washer garden hose adapter PW4221580.  This is a direct replacement for the plastic two-piece or aluminum garden hose adaptors.  Just unscrew the old GHA off and this new brass one back on in its place.


Spray Gun PW3080060

AR Blue Clean spray gun designed with an easy pull trigger and offers consistent quality and performance. Replacement for AR114 and AR118 electric pressure washers.

Substitute gun: PW3082280


Total Stop System Assembly PW3082350

AR Blue Clean electric pressure washer Total Stop System TSS Assembly PW3082350. Designed for replacement in pressure washers AR112, AR114, AR116, AR118, AR141, AR142, AR142P, AR240, AR260, AR383, AR388, AR525, and AR527.

NOTE: Does not work with SpeedyWash models.


Vari-Spray Wand PW3080090

Adjustable spray nozzle lance is designed to change the spray pattern and intensity according to the power of water needed for each task, just twist the nozzle to adjust. For units AR114 and AR118


Wand Extension PW3080070

Wand extension attachment. For units AR114 and AR118. Part #PW3080070


Turbo Nozzle Wand PW3080080

AR Blue Clean turbo nozzle wand designed for high impact cleaning. For units AR114 and AR118 only. Part # PW3080080


Replacement Detergent Bottle PW3080030

Replacement for lost, damaged or worn detergent bottle for AR Blue Clean AR119 electric pressure washers. Part # PW3080030. Detergent bottle for cold water pressure washers to connect to wand/lance.