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AR Blue Clean Wall Mount Kit AR2N1-WMKIT

AR Blue Clean Wall Mount Kit AR2N1-WMKIT for the AR2N1 electric pressure washer. The kit includes the wall mount, hose mount, and high-pressure foam cannon.


Nozzle 15 Degree PW3620631

AR Blue Clean nozzle 15 degree AR3620630 for the AR 1500 electric pressure washer. This fix spray nozzle that attaches to extension lance PW3620621. This is the OEM part.


Pressure Washer Detergent Concentrate For Motorcycles

AR Blue Clean pressure washer detergent concentrate For motorcycles. Specially formulated motorcycle detergent that is environmentally …


Pressure Washer Detergent Degreaser ARDC004

The brand new AR Blue Clean pressure washer detergent degreaser ARDC004 for use with electric pressure washers. A great product for cleaning & degreasing. It quickly eliminates tough grime, dirt, dust, removes stains, & is safe on metal surfaces.


Quick Change Nozzle 2 Pack – PW909114K

AR Blue Clean quick change nozzle pack. Included nozzles are 40′ White and 15′ Yellow. Direct replacement for 1/4″ QC lance connection. Part # PW909114K


25 Foot Replace/Extension Pressure Washer Hose PW909XH

25′ of extra soft pressure washer hose with 22mm connection. This replacement or extension hose can fit most electric pressure washers and can handle up to 2900 PSI. Fittings are M22 15mm. For M22 14mm machines please use additional adapter PW553-B for each side you need to adapt.


22mm M x 1.5 F Adapter PW0421

AR Blue Clean 22mm M x 1.5 F Adapter. Part # PW0421


Garden Hose Adaptor For Brushes PW3005

Quick Connect garden hose adapter without a check valve. Used mostly with the brushes to connect …


Pressure Washer SprayGlide

SprayGlide is designed to prevent pressure washer operator from getting too close to the surface with the spray. Removes the risk of surface damage and inconsistent streaky results.


Scrubber Brush PW40511

Scrubber brush that attaches to the end of the vari-spray lance. Part # PW40511


25 ft. Braided-Rubber High Pressure Replacement Hose – AR41839

AR Blue Clean upgraded 25′ flexible braided-rubber high-pressure hose to replace the less pliable hose for the following models: AR240, AR240s, AR260, AR383, AR383L, AR383s, AR388, AR525, and AR527.


Water Suction Kit PW3081350

Water suction kit turns your pressure washer into a light duty water pump for projects that require water removal. Part # PW3081350. Attach to your spray gun and it is ready to go. Comes with 22mm adapter.


AR Blue Clean AR600S-TK Trolley

AR Blue Clean AR600S-TK Trolley for AR613 and AR675 professional industrial electric pressures.

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AR Blue Clean AR600S-WMKIT Wall Mount Kit

AR Blue Clean AR600S-WMKIT wall mount kit for AR613 and AR675 professional industrial electric pressures. Wall mount kit includes a wall mount, hose mount and 25’ extension hose.

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