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25 Foot Replace/Extension Pressure Washer Hose PW909XH

25′ of extra soft pressure washer hose with 22mm connection. This replacement or extension hose can fit most electric pressure washers and can handle up to 2900 PSI. Fittings are M22 15mm. For M22 14mm machines please use additional adapter PW553-B for each side you need to adapt.


Foam Cannon Bayonet Connection PW4620270

AR Blue Clean electric pressure washer foam cannon bayonet connection. Holds up to 25oz of cleaning solution to spray on cars, trucks, RVs, fences, siding, driveways, patios and more. Part # PW4620270

For units AR240, AR260, AR383 and AR388


Pressure Washer Rotary Nozzle PW4220680

Electric Pressure Washer Rotary Nozzle with 1/4″ Male Quick Connect Plug fitting

NOTE: Only work with AR Blue Clean models AR383SS, AR390SS,AR2N1,AR2N1W.


Nozzle 40 Degree PW3620690

AR Blue Clean Nozzle 40 Degree AR3620690 for AR 1500 electric pressure washers.


Turbo Nozzle Lance PW40779

Turbo Nozzle Lance PW40779 designed for AR Blue Clean units AR112, AR116, AR141, AR142 and AR142P. For high impact cleaning on hard surfaces such as driveways, cement surfaces, patio bricks, etc.


Fixed Utility Brush PW909202K

Fixed Utility Brush PW909202K is the perfect accessory for hard to reach cleaning areas. Feathered bristles provide a gentle scrubbing action that is safe for any surface, and it can be used with low-pressure soap applications. Great for cleaning BBQ grills, patio furniture, tires and more.


Pressure Washer Detergent For Deck & Fence ARDFW04

The brand new AR Blue Clean pressure washer detergent for deck & fence ARDFW04.  1-gallon concentrate. Non-corrosive, non-toxic, professional grade product developed for multi-purpose application removes stains & rejuvenates the look of decks, fences & other outdoor structure such as pergolas, gazebos & carports. Works with either electric or gas pressure washers.


AR Blue Clean Foam Cannon Quick Change PW4620260

AR Blue Clean foam cannon quick change adaptor connection for electric pressure washers. 25 oz. fluid/detergent/soap capacity. Part # PW4620260


Gutter Cleaner PW5807

AR Blue Clean gutter cleaner 12″ long for use with electric pressure washers. 1/4″ quick connect inlet and 1/4″ quick connect socket. Made from zinc and brass. Part # PW5807.


Turbo Nozzle Wand PW3080080

AR Blue Clean turbo nozzle wand designed for high impact cleaning. For units AR114 and AR118 only. Part # PW3080080


Pressure Washer Detergent Car & Truck ARCTW04

The brand new AR Blue Clean pressure washer detergent car & truck ARCTW04 1-gallon concentrate. Non-corrosive, …


AR Blue Clean 10 Piece Pro Pressure Washer Accessories Kit PW909300K

AR Blue Clean 10 Piece Pro Pressure Washer Accessories Kit PW909300K Kit Includes: Replacement Spray Gun – Replacement spray gun for electric pressure washers.

  • Includes electric pressure washer replacement spray gun
  • Included 4 quick connect nozzle: 0 ̊ – Red, 15 ̊ – yellow, 25 ̊ – Green, 40 ̊ – White
  • Includes 25 foot soft flexible high-pressure hose
  • Includes foam cannon with quick connect
  • This is an O.E.M. part

Bayonet Adapter PW40788

AR Blue Clean Bayonet adapter for attaching fixed brushes to our electric pressure washers. Part # PW40788. Will not work with any other brand.


Rotary Brush Kit + Adaptor PW909203K

AR Blue Clean electric pressure washer rotary brush kit PW909203K is safe and effective for painted surfaces such as cars, campers, boats and RVs, fixed utility brush. Fixed utility brush – safe for any surface.


Plastic Underbody Spray Wand PW40811

Plastic underbody spray wand increases your cleaning reach with this attachment lance. Perfect for cleaning the undersides of autos, wheel wells and even gutters. For units AR112, AR114, AR116, AR118, AR141, AR142, AR142P, AR240, AR260, AR383 and AR388.


22mm M14QC x M15 Adapter PW553-B

Adaptor. 22mm fitting, M14QC x M15 adapter. Part # PW553-B


Nozzle 15 Degree PW3620631

AR Blue Clean nozzle 15 degree AR3620630 for the AR 1500 electric pressure washer. This fix spray nozzle that attaches to extension lance PW3620621. This is the OEM part.


Pressure Washer Detergent Degreaser ARDC004

The brand new AR Blue Clean pressure washer detergent degreaser ARDC004 for use with electric pressure washers. A great product for cleaning & degreasing. It quickly eliminates tough grime, dirt, dust, removes stains, & is safe on metal surfaces.


Electric Pressure Washer Brush Kit PW909102K

AR Blue Clean electric pressure washer brush kit PW909102K for scrubbing action while cleaning and safe for any surface. Use for patio furniture, BBQ grills, tires or painted surfaces.