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AR Blue Mist Misting System

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Why high-pressure systems?
The only way to achieve evaporation cooling without getting wet is to use a high pressure pump and very small nozzles. Forcing water through very small nozzles at high pressure creates a micro-fine mist that easily evaporates into the air. AR Blue Mist only handles the high-pressure systems that allows for complete evaporation which keeps you cool but not wet!
Will a misting system work in humid climates?
Yes, the misting system will work anytime you are able to achieve evaporation. The more complete the evaporation, the more effective the system will work. Areas with; humidity above 80% use a smaller orifice nozzle size .006, humidity levels between 40% to 80% use .008 and humidity levels below 40% use .012.
Note: The higher the humidity the less reduction in temperature drop with a misting system.
Can I install AR Blue Mist system myself?
Yes, our system are designed for the “DIY CONSUMER” AR Blue Mist systems are extremely easy to install. The Mobile Misting System can be assembled and installed in less than 30 min. and the Pro misting lines can take two to four hour to complete.
Where should the misting pump be placed?
The misting pump should be placed on a flat surface near a faucet and electrical source near the side of the house and about 30’ from the misting area.
What size pump should I use?
Pump/GPM .012 Nozzle .008 Nozzle
1/3 GPM pump 5 min – 10 max 8 min – 16 max
1/2 GPM pump 7 min – 15 max 11 min – 22 max
1 GPM pump 15 min – 30 max 22 min – 45 max
2 GPM pump 30 min – 60 max 45 min – 90 max
Can I adjust the pressure?
Yes, do not exceed 1000 PSI.
Do I need to do anything to my misting system to winterize it?
We recommend to remove and clean all nozzles. The misting line should be drained and the pump should be treated with pump saver.
What is AR Blue Mist Warranty
We have a limited one year on both the complete misting pump and accessories.
Where are AR Blue Mist products available?
Now available at 48 Home Depot locations in Arizona and through our online store.
How do I contact customer service regarding maintenance or installation?
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