The power washer turns on for 2 seconds, shuts off

If your pressure washer turns on for 2 seconds, shuts off, and will not turn back on. In most cases you do not have a defective unit? Follow these two steps to get the unit running again.

  1. When the water is connected, the accessories are assembled properly, and the power is turned on, the power washer may turn on for 1 – 2 seconds to prime the pump. It automatically shuts off and waits for the spray gun trigger to be pressed. When the trigger is pressed, water starts owing through the pump. The water sensor in the pump “senses” the moving water and automatically turns the power washer on.
  2. To perform a “reset”. Turn the power switch to off. Hold the trigger on the spray gun so that you have a steady stream of water. While still holding the trigger, turn the power switch on.