3 Months Or More Of Not Using Your Pressure Washer

The worst thing for a pressure washer is not using it. If you go for 3 months or more without using the pressure washer the rubber seals start to dry up. We can recommend enough to run pump saver through your pressure washer. We would suggest reading the care and maintenance article if you have not already. Here are the details.

Pump Saver is a product that protects and prolongs the life of the pump. This will keep the internal parts of the pump lubricated and protected from freezing while being stored in ALL climates. It also assists with protection from internal corrosion. The AR Blue Clean part #is: PW64511(16oz. bottle) You can order online from us right now.

Pump Saver Instructions
Turn unit off and disconnect the hose and gun before adding pump saver. Unscrew threaded top from bottle to remove seal and reattach threaded top to bottle. Remove black cap from bottle.

  1. Place top of pump saver bottle onto the garden hose adapter previously installed on the pressure washer inlet.
  2. Secure pump saver bottle by turning in a clockwise direction.
  3. Turn the power on
  4. Squeeze bottle to help it into the pump
  5. Turn power off when pump saver exits the machine’s water outlet.